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The Dynamic Investment Bible completely explains both Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT) and Dynamic Investments (DIs). In this easy-to-read book you will learn that DIT was developed based on rigorous scientific methods and objective empirical observations. And once you learn the Theory you will be able to put it to practical use by learning about Dynamic Investments - what they are, how they work and how to implement and manage them on an ongoing basis. This combination of theory and practical use makes this book useful for both individuals who will want to use DIs and for financial organizations who will want to offer them.

This Web page provides details related to the format and of the book and an overview of its contents. Then it shows just a few reasons why this book is a blueprint for the future of investing.


The Dynamic Investment Bible Presentation Details

Publisher: National Association of Online Investors (NAOI), Tampa, Florida, USA
Publish Date: July, 2016
Copyright: Leland Hevner, 2016
Pages: 212
Format: 8.5" x 11.0" Comb-Bound, Hard-copy Book


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Table of Contents

Below is the book's Table of Contents. The book starts by telling you why change is needed by showing how the world of investing today is broken. Then it explains why Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), a portfolio design approach seen today as "settled science" , no longer works in modern dynamic markets. 

After kicking MPT to the curb, the author then describes in detail how he used scientific methods and empirical observations to develop a new approach to investing that does work in today's markets and will work in markets of the future. 

Prepare yourself to be amazed by what you read in this ground-breaking book.


The Table of Contents shows that The Dynamic Investment Bible first creates a theoretical basis for a new approach to investing and then proceeds to show how individuals of all experience levels can use Dynamic Investments to both grow and protect their wealth. Hevner also discusses how Financial Advisors and Financial Service Organizations of all types will also benefit greatly from the introduction of this next-generation investment type and this revolutionary investing approach. 

The Productization of Investing!

An amazing thing happens in Chapter 10. This is where the author shows how Dynamic Investment Theory and Dynamic Investments "productize" the field of investing. DIs are standardized investing "products" due to the fact that they have a universal goal of maximizing returns while minimizing risk. DIs work for everyone regardless of their risk profile, meaning that there is no need for the error-prone portfolio customization process individuals are forced to endure today using MPT portfolio design methods. And the book shows how subjective human judgments are virtually eliminated from the investing process and eliminated along with them is much of what's wrong with investing today.

DI's are total-solution investing products that can be sold to the masses "off-the-shelf." This is the Holy Grail of investing that investing thought-leaders have been seeking for decades. They haven't found it. Hevner has. And so will you in this book!

The Future of Investing

Input from extensive interviews and surveys conducted with the investing public has shown the NAOI that people are not happy with the way the world of investing works today. There are too many decisions for them to make and too little education that teaches how to make them. Therefore most people are forced to simply accept the investment recommendations of a financial advisor who is also a salesperson.

Quite often this leaves investors with portfolios that provide mediocre returns, excessive risk and unnecessary expenses. As a result many people with money to invest are sitting on the sidelines of the market in fear. These are people who lost a significant amount of their savings in the crash of 2008 and yet they are still offered today the same type of MPT portfolios that they were offered in 2007, before the crash. Nothing has changed and people know that when the next significant market crash occurs they will suffer the same types of losses. They can't afford for that to happen again so they stay in cash - out of the market.

To reengage these people that number in the millions, the financial services industry must evolve along with market dynamics. It must offer new ideas, new methods of portfolio design and create innovative investment types. Dynamic Investments enable financial professionals to do just that. In Chapter 11 of the book Hevner provides his vision of a future of investing centered on Dynamic Investments - and it is amazing.

A Free Preview

To gain a better understanding of the goals Hevner set for writing this book, click the following link to view a PDF of the Book's Preface. It will open in a separate tab.

Finally, with the introduction of Dynamic Investments, you can
invest with confidence, optimism and, yes, even excitement!