Dynamic Investing Theory (DIT) opens the door to a world of incredible opportunity for investment product researchers. Since DIT is a new and fundamentally different approach to investing, the opportunities for original research and the development of unique, proprietary products are huge. Instead of devoting time and effort to creating new "me-too" ETFs that few people will buy, DIT allows for the creation of superior, Dynamic Investments and Dynamic Portfolio “products” the likes of which have never before been seen. Refer to the DI Products section of this site for a sampling of new investment products made possible by DIT.

These new products will attract the interest of millions of investors as each is a standardized investment product have the universal goal of capturing positive market returns potential with minimal risk. Rarely does such a lucrative opportunity present itself in the rather staid field of investment product development. Financial organizations who take advantage of this opportunity first will create a significant competitive advantage in a crowded field and by doing so open massive new revenue streams on their income statements and add valuable assets to their balance sheets in the form of proprietary products.

A Common Purpose

NAOI research shows that much investing research and development today is basically random activity. Researchers industry-wide have no common strategic vision for improving the lot of the investing public or advancing the state of the investing industry as a whole.

This all changes with the introduction of Dynamic Investment Theory. DIT provides a standardized development “blueprint” that enables all developers to pull in the same direction using the same set of design rules and with the common goal of creating investments that enable the investing public to capture the positive returns potential that the market offers at all times. A common set of design rules as set forth in The Dynamic Investment Bible allow the entire investing industry to move forward, not sideways as it does today.

Meaningful Research

Too much investing research and development today is directed at improving investing methods based on Modern Portfolio Theory. Unfortunately this is wasted effort as these methods are becoming rapidly obsolete.

For example, much attention today is focused on developments such as “robo-advisors” that do nothing more than automate outdated MPT methods. In the opinion of the NAOI this is a sideways development activity, at best, that may make current investing methods more convenient but not more effective.

To make meaningful progress, the constraints of MPT must be broken. This is what Dynamic Investment Theory does and as a result, research and development based on DIT methods will result in truly unique products that improve the effectiveness of the investing public in meaningful ways. And, incidentally, this is research that can make developers seriously rich.

Dynamic Investments are Valuable Assets!

There are an unlimited number of Dynamic Investments and Dynamic Portfolios that can be created as discussed here on this site. The Dynamic Investment Bible gives you a step-by-step process for creating them. Supplemental NAOI Developer Classes delve even deeper into the DI creation process (click here for more information on NAOI support services.) Trained Dynamic Investment designers will be among the most valuable employees that a financial services organization can have and their creations will be very valuable assets for the companies they work for.


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Just the Beginning

The DIT approach opens a vast new world of investment product development. This new approach to investing reinvigorates the investment research and development industry and enables it to create new products that meet the needs of millions of average people with money to invest. Dynamic Investment Theory and Dynamic Investments are the catalysts needed to take the field of investing to a whole new, and better, level.

The NAOI is available to consult with and train DI Investment Product Developers. Click here for more information.

A New World of "Dynamic" Investment Research
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