After reading The Dynamic Investment Bible you will have all of the information you need to design, implement and manage simple but powerful Dynamic Investments that can produce returns that far exceed any traditional MPT portfolio in existence today. Such performance was illustrated on the Home page of this site. An on this page you learned that there are an unlimited number of ways that DIs can be configured in Dynamic Portfolios and MPT / DIT Hybrid Portfolios. This is investing change at a fundamental level.

The NAOI recognizes  that the magnitude of change detailed on this site is not trivial. Dynamic Investments are a new investment type that the public will demand when they learn about them. And financial organizations need to prepare to offer them. It is therefore imperative that all such organizations have an in-depth understanding of Dynamic Investments that goes beyond the information presented on this site or the Dynamic Investment Bible book. They need to have a strategic plan for integrating DIs into their product line.

This page presents several DIT support resources offered by the NAOI that ensure an organization's transition to the future of investing happens easily, inexpensively and with minimal disruption to current revenue flows. 

Customized Consulting

All financial organizations have a strategic plan for "winning" in the competitive world of financial and investing services. The introduction of Dynamic Investments gives financial organizations a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to separate themselves from the pack. But to do so an in-depth understanding of how Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT) works and how it can be applied to their specific operations and products is needed. To take maximum advantage of this revolutionary change the NAOI offers customized consulting services. Conducted exclusively by Leland Hevner, the developer of DIT, organizations that enter a consulting agreement with the NAOI will be able to take advantage of every benefit that Dynamic Investments offer. Go to the Consulting area of this site for more information on customized consulting. 

Corporate Education Seminars

The NAOI offers Seminars to groups of individual investors and to financial organizations who want to obtain a more in-depth understanding of DIT methods and how to take advantage of the new opportunities this next-generation investment type make available. Typically these Seminars are held at the offices of a financial organization for groups of people. The format will include a comprehensive presentation by Leland Hevner along with a question and answer period. Below are NAOI Seminars that are currently available. Each Seminar can, within limits, be customized to meet an organization’s unique needs.

Introduction to DIT

This Seminar teaches the basic concepts of Dynamic Investing Theory, Dynamic Investments and the potential that this investing approach offers. In this Seminar students will also learn how to successfully integrate DIs into an existing product line in a manner that generates new revenue streams without disrupting current revenue streams.

Dynamic Investment Marketing and Sales

This Seminar gives to an organization a complete plan for marketing and selling Dynamic Investments. We first show participants  why the public will demand DIs in the near future. Then we discuss how to meet this demand by selecting the DIs to offer and how to sell them via targeted marketing, DI education resources, marketing materials and sales presentations.

The Dynamic Investment 401(k) Solution

This Seminar is directed at both organizations who offer 401(k) Plans to their employees and to financial organizations that provide them. Refer to Chapter 8 of The Dynamic Investment Bible to get an overview of the topics discussed. Dynamic Investments will change the world of 401(k) Plans at a fundamental level. Attendees will be empowered to be among the first to introduce this new approach into the lucrative 401(k) world and by doing so will gain a massive competitive advantage over companies that continue to offer the outdated and ineffective plans in use today.

Contact the NAOI via information provided on our Web site to discuss the details and logistics for each of the Seminars that the NAOI offers.

Dynamic Investment Theory Training Classes

The NAOI offers a series of DIT Training Classes that teach financial professionals how to create and work with Dynamic Investments. The difference between NAOI Classes and NAOI Seminars, discussed above, is that in NAOI Classes each student participates in the learning process, just like in a college classroom. In addition, class participants will be able to interact directly with the instructor for specific questions and issues. Among the Classes currently offered are the following:

For Dynamic Investment Designers Creators

This class teaches investment developers how to design and create unique and proprietary Dynamic Investments and Dynamic Portfolios for a variety of goals. Following this class, attendees will have the knowledge, resources and tools needed to begin creating unique, proprietary and extremely valuable Dynamic Investments that they may be able to license to the market. Go here for more discussion on this topic.

For ETF Developers and Strategists

You have read on this site that ETFs are the primary investment type used by Dynamic Investments. Students of this NAOI Class will learn how the use of ETFs in Dynamic Investments can influence the design of new ETFs and entire new ETF product lines. Students will also learn how the value of a current ETF product line can be doubled or tripled virtually overnight with very little effort by simply combining existing ETFs in the DI structure. Go here for more discussion on this topic.

For 401(k) Providers and Users

The future of 401(k) Plans and retirement plans in general will revolve around Dynamic Investments. The NAOI has developed Market-Biased Portfolios for this specific purpose as discussed on this site and in far greater detail in The Dynamic Investment Bible. This class shows both companies who offer 401(k) Plans and organizations that provide them how to exponentially improve their plans by offering dynamic products that put existing MPT-based portfolios to shame. Go here for more discussion on this topic.

For Financial Advisors

Dynamic Investments change the world of investing at a fundamental level. DIT ushers in a new era of investing that is simpler, more profitable and less risky. When the investing public learns about Dynamic Investments they will demand them. And advisors who learn about and offer DIs to the public will capture a massive new customer base. Those that don't will fall lose market share rapidly. This class teaches Financial Advisors what DIs are, how they work and the advantages of offering them to their clients. The NAOI will also provide marketing material and training on how to support simple Dynamic Investments on an ongoing basis. The goal here is to make investing simpler and less time-consuming to enable Advisors to spend more time on financial planning - an area where the NAOI knows that people need the most help. Go here for more discussion on this topic.

For Online Brokers

Discount brokers today are not close to realizing their full market potential. From teaching thousands of people how to invest, the NAOI knows that only a small percentage of investors use online brokerage services. Most people simply let a financial advisor handle all of their trades for them. In the unnecessarily complex world of investing today very few individuals have either the education or the confidence needed to invest on their own using an online broker. The introduction of Dynamic Investments (DIs) changes this dynamic by shifting power to the average investor and enabling to invest on their own with confidence. This class shows online, discount brokers how to support individual investors who want to implement and manage Dynamic Investments on their own. The additional market that discount brokers will gain by doing so is huge! For more discussion on this topic go here.

For Academia

Trying to teach personal investing today is difficult to say the least. The way we invest today is so full of subjective judgments and what can be called "guesswork" that it is difficult to impossible for students to deal with on their own. With the introduction of Dynamic Investment Theory, Dynamic Investments and The Dynamic Investment Bible book, this all changes. The DIT approach to investing is based on the use of scientific methods, objective observations and a set of standardized rules for taking action. As a result, DIT and the use of Dynamic Investments IS a legitimate field of study and taught as such. Courses in Personal Investing now can, and must, be offered to eager students in every high school and institution of higher learning in America. The NAOI has classes and course curricula that show how. For more discussion on this topic go here.


Contact the NAOI to schedule and/or enroll in one or more NAOI classes.

Volume Book Discounts

The NAOI offers significant volume discounts to organizations that order The Dynamic Investment Bible in quantity. Contact the NAOI to learn more.

Speaking Engagements

NAOI President and architect of Dynamic Investing Theory, Leland B. Hevner, is available for speaking engagements. His topic? “The Amazing Future of Investing – Using Dynamic Investments!”

Yes, there are dozens of speakers who will talk about the "future of investing". Typically their content deals with economic factors such as increasing deficits, the coming crash of Social Security, actions by the Federal Reserve, world turmoil and other market influencers. And then there are those who talk about things like robo-advisors and "intelligent portfolios" as being drivers of investing's future. None of this is very exciting and is likely to put a large portion of the audience to sleep.

In contrast, Mr. Hevner presents a unique, bold, and dynamic vision of the future of investing that is relevant, exciting and pragmatic. He doesn't bore the audience by guessing at economic trends or future market movements. He doesn't suggest changes that merely "tweak" the way we invest today. Rather, he suggests throwing out much of today's "settled science" methods and replacing them with investing methods that actually work in modern markets – and he can prove it!

If you are an investing club, your members will want to hear Hevner's presentation. If you are hosting a panel of experts as a part of a Seminar or Financial Convention, your attendees will want to hear Hevner's viewpoints. If you want to stage a debate of any type for any audience related to the future of investing they will want to hear Hevner present and defend his arguments as well as poke holes in the views of other participants that are more "industry acceptable." Mr. Hevner's presentations are controversial, thought provoking and never boring.

 Hevner is an experienced speaker with 10+ years of teaching investing courses at the college level and with many TV and Radio appearances on his resume.