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The world of investing today is stuck; it is not evolving in any significant way and as a result investors are not able to take full advantage of the wealth generation potential of current equity markets.

The overarching problem is the continued use of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) as the unquestioned standard for portfolio design today. MPT was introduced in 1952 when markets were are far different place. Markets have changed significantly since then while MPT has barley changed at all and it cannot cope with modern markets. This needs to change to enable the field of investing to advance to a simpler, more profitable stage of evolution. And it just has with the introduction of Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT).

Developed by the National Association of Online Investors (NAOI) based on 5+ years of research and 3 more years of testing, DIT finally offers a superior alternative to Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). This revolutionary approach to investing was designed specifically to work in modern markets. It sets the logic and rules for the creation of a next-generation investment type called Dynamic Investments (DIs) that will dominate the future of investing. Because they are "market sensitive", DIs produce investing returns that today's experts will say are impossible.

This is a story worth telling. This Media Center was created to help members of the financial media tell it.

The Dynamic Investment Media Center

DIT and DIs are discussed in detail throughout this Web site. The purpose of this Media Center is to enable members of the financial media to quickly understand what Dynamic Investments are, how they work, how they can be used and why they will be of intense interest to both the investing public and investing professionals. For this purpose the following Web pages are a part of the Media Center. They can be accessed by clicking the titles below or via the Media Center submenu in the Navigation Menu above:

The NAOI stands ready to provide all of the support needed to enable the financial media to communicate to its readers the fundamental change that is coming to the investing world and how they can take advantage of it today.

Dynamic Investments: A Gold Mine for the Financial News Media

When the shackles of Modern Portfolio Theory are removed, the entire world of suddenly is free to evolve in a significant manner and outcomes that today's "experts" will say are impossible suddenly become probable. Here are just a few amazing changes that investors can look forward to by using Dynamic Investments:

  • Performance - Even the simplest, most basic Dynamic Investment created and tested by the NAOI earned an astonishing 30%+ average annual return for the past decade, from the start of 2007 to the end of 2016, with a Sharpe Ratio of 1.18. This is the type of performance that investors want to read about and know how to take advantage of today.
  • Simplicity - Dynamic Investments are so simple to understand, implement and manage that investors of virtually all experience levels will be able to take advantage of them today. Simplicity and consistent performance over the long-term are requirements to ensure the staying power of this new approach to investing.
  • The New Standard Portfolio Building Block - Today the main portfolio building blocks are mutual funds and, increasingly, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). In the future of investing, Dynamic Investments will play this role to much greater effect.
  • The Productization of Investing - Each DI is a comprehensive investment, specifying not only which ETFs to work with but how they will be bought, sold and managed on an ongoing basis. Once created, DIs don't change so they can purchased by investors "off-the-shelf" from a variety of vendors. Investors then simply buy and hold them, confident in the knowledge that their DI will automatically signal the trades needed to take advantage of current market conditions. This is an active investment that is passively managed and the very definition of a "consumer investment product".
  • A Superior Retirement Plan Default Investment - The NAOI Basic DI will soon be the most popular default investment in the 401(k) and retirement plan market. When fully marketed, Dynamic Investments will dwarf the use of any other investment type such as target-date funds or life-strategy funds for use in all types of retirement plans. (Click here for more information on this application.)
  • Finally Make ETFs Mainstream Investments - MPT portfolios embrace a buy-and-hold management strategy. As a result they do not exploit the unique benefits of Exchange Traded Funds. DIT embraces a buy-and-sell strategy and takes full advantage of ETF unique capabilities. As a result, the introduction and use of Dynamic Investments will cause ETF sales to explode! (Click here for more on this topic.)
  • And so much more - Go to The Future of Investing page of this site for a more extensive list of how investing will evolve with the introduction of a new fundamental approach to investing in the form of Dynamic Investment Theory.

Robo-advisors, Intelligent Portfolios, Smart Beta Funds - all touted as the future of investing today - may make for interesting reading but they do little more than "tweek" the way we invest today. Why? Because they still assume the use of outdated, static MPT methods. At the NAOI we see such products as "sideways" developments at best.

True evolutionary change requires a design approach that creates dynamic portfolios and investments. This is what Dynamic Investment Theory provides to developers and investors. With its introduction, "forward" developments are suddenly possible. Media organizations who explore this terrain first and report on it will gain a vast audience of new readers/listeners - individual and professional investors alike - who are looking for a fundamentally new and better way to invest.

DIT is not a "tremor" in the world of investing, it is a full blown "earthquake" and as such, makes for compelling reportage.

Next Up!

Next up in the Media Center is the Press Release that the NAOI will issue in August 2017 announcing the release to the public of Dynamic Investment Theory and the Dynamic Investments that DIT creates. 

Additional Information

Creating Demand

The NAOI will aggressively educate the public, financial professionals and financial organizations on the use of Dynamic Investments via the resources and activities shown just below. This will create a massive demand for the financial media to supply more information.

The Amazing Future of Investing

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Individual investors will learn about Dynamic Investments via the recently released book entitled The Amazing Future of Investing as shown at right. You can read about it and purchase it in the NAOI Store. The NAOI will also develop course curricula that can be used in an academic setting for the study of this new way of investing.

NAOI Consulting

Virtually all financial organizations will benefit and gain a massive competitive advantage by integrating Dynamic Investments into their strategic plans. Different companies will utilize them in different ways. To fully exploit the value of this new approach to investing in an optimal manner, the NAOI offers customized consulting services that can be reviewed by clicking here.

Contact Information

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NAOI dynamic investments - the next step in the evolution of investing

NAOI dynamic investments - the next step in the evolution of investing