Discount brokers today are not close to realizing their full market potential. From teaching thousands of people how to invest, the NAOI knows that only a small percentage of investors use online brokerage services. Most people simply let a financial advisor handle all of their trades for them. In the unnecessarily complex world of investing today very few individuals have either the education or the confidence needed to invest on their own using an online broker. The introduction of Dynamic Investments (DIs) changes this dynamic by shifting power to the average investor and enabling to invest on their own with confidence. 

Individuals that read The Dynamic Investment Bible will be able to easily implement and manage Dynamic Investment products on their own without the help of an advisor. As a result, DIs will create a massive new market of self-directed investors who will use online brokers.

Discount brokers that support DIs and offer DI support services will capture this market and increase their customer base exponentially. The successful online brokers of the future will offer the products and services discussed below on this page in addition to their online trading platform. 

If you are an online broker, you cannot afford to ignore this major change in the investing world. The NAOI stands ready to show you how to take full advantage of it.

Dynamic Investment Theory Education

The NAOI will work with any online broker to develop education material and resources that will enable individuals to manage Dynamic Investments using their online trading platform. When the public understands DIs they will want to use them instead of, or in addition to, advisor-recommended MPT portfolios. And they will look for an online broker that provides DI support resources and education.

Branded Dynamic Investments and New Revenue Streams

Discount brokers can offer the DIs discussed on this site and in The Dynamic Investment Bible or they may elect to create their own by working with the NAOI. Creating new DIs is simply a matter of combining multiple existing ETFs in the DI structure as described here. The NAOI will work with online brokers to design unique Dynamic Investments that they can they brand as their own proprietary products – creating a major new source of revenue.

An Automated DI Management Process

The successful online broker of the future will also create and offer a DI management system that automatically makes the trades that DIs signal on a periodic basis. The management process is discussed in Chapter 9 of the book. Again, the NAOI will work closely with any online broker via a consulting contract to develop this simple system that will result in a massive competitive advantage in the crowded field of Discount Brokers. 

As a discount broker, you have given the public the tools they need to invest on their own. But in today’s MPT-based market that embraces a buy-and-hold strategy investors are told not to trade. Dynamic Investments give the public a uniquely powerful investment type that embraces a buy-and-sell strategy and encourages people to use the trading tools that you offer! The acceptance and use of DIs will exponentially increase your customer base and revenue streams if you embrace and promote this new investment type.

These are very simple and inexpensive actions that can create enormous new inflows of clients and revenue for Discount Brokers in the DIT-based future of investing. Contact the NAOI via the information on this Web site or at to discuss how we can best work together to enhance your strategic business model and substantially increase your revenues.