The world of investing is about to welcome to its product choices a new investment type called Dynamic Investments. The last time this happened was in 1992 when the first Exchange Traded Fund was introduced. ETFs have changed how we invest substantially and are growing in popularity rapidly. But the introduction of DIs is a much more significant change to the investing environment.

ETFs are essentially mutual funds that trade like stocks. They don't change the fundamental way that portfolios are designed. Dynamic Investments do. They are a totally different and unique investment type as you have learned on this site. Whereas both mutual funds and ETFs are investments that are used as components of asset allocation portfolios, each DI is a complete portfolio product that not only defines the investments to work with but also how they are to be managed on a continuing basis. DIs will change how we invest at a fundamental level. I have given an overview of how they work on this site and explained them in detail in The Amazing Future of Investing book.

Using DIs will certainly improve the returns that individuals investors can achieve without excessive risk as discussed here. But the use of DIs will also enable financial professionals and financial service organizations to produce superior investment products and services while at the same time exponentially increasing both their market reach and revenue streams. This section of the site (this page and other pages on the "For Professionals" submenu) shows why the financial services industry should welcome Dynamic Investments with open arms.

Below on this page I provide a list of financial areas that will benefit from the use of Dynamic Investments along with a link to a Web page (also accessible from the submenu on the navigation bar) that describes these benefits. This is partial list only. More are discussed in The Amazing Future of Investing book that can be purchased in the NAOI Store.

Areas That Will Benefit from the Use of Dynamic Investments

Below are the application areas addressed in this section of site. A separate Web page is dedicated to each that can be accessed under the For Professionals item on the navigation bar above. You can also click the links provided below to go to the associated page.

And there are others. The entire financial services industry is about to undergo fundamental change. Those organization that recognize this fact will have a massive competitive advantage.

Start Planning for the Future Today!

The NAOI and our members / students are confident that Dynamic Investments, not today's static MPT portfolios, are the future of investing. The time is now to begin preparing for this major step forward in the evolution of investing and start developing a strategy for taking advantage of this new approach to investing. To do so, the first step is to read The Amazing Future of Investing book that can be purchased in the NAOI Store. Then consider an NAOI information seminar (see NAOI Services) and/or an NAOI consulting contract (see NAOI Consulting).