Leland Hevner,  developer of Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT) and author of The Dynamic Investment Bible, in conjunction with the National Association of Online Investors, offers customized consulting services to financial organizations who want to take full advantage of the Dynamic Investment revolution as discussed on this site and in the above referenced book. Hevner can show organizations how to gain a massive competitive advantage and generate significant revenue streams by embracing the changes to the world of investing that are inevitable and coming fast.

The World of Investing Must Change

From over a decade of teaching and working with the investing public, Hevner understands the mood of average person with money to invest perhaps better than any person in the financial services industry. And the mood is not good. He knows that the public needs investing income. But individuals are frustrated by a market that is so complex and devoid of logic that they have little option but to place their trust in a financial advisor / salesperson to navigate this field and just hope for the best. As a result millions of potential investors and billions of investing dollars are on the sidelines of the market in fear. They cannot afford to lose the savings they have and the market crash of 2008 is still fresh in their minds.

The NAOI knows that these people will not reenter the market until they are offered a simpler and safer approach to investing. They are dismayed that advisors still recommend to them today the same static, buy-and-hold MPT portfolios that crashed in 2008. The public does not see that any lessons were learned by the financial services industry from this disaster. No changes to how portfolios are designed were made. They are still told to just buy, hold and hope. And people know that when, not if, the next crash occurs the portfolios that they are offered today will be decimated again.

Significant change is needed to bring people back into the market and retain those currently in it. And change needs to be made at a fundamental level. Simple "tweaks" of MPT portfolio usage such as new, exotic ETFs, new mutual funds or even "robo-advisors" will not revive the trust of the public. Changes must be revolutionary, not incremental and NAOI Dynamic Investments are just that. 

Dynamic Investments are the Change Needed

The change needed to reinvigorate the world of investing comes in the form of Dynamic Investments as discussed on this site and discussed in far greater detail in The Dynamic Investment Bible. Why are DIs the answer? Because they provide significantly higher returns than MPT portfolios with less risk and lower expenses. DIs are simple investments that periodically and automatically change the ETF they hold based on market movements and not based on human judgments that are the source of much that is wrong with the investing industry today. And they provide investors with absolute protection from market crashes. In short, they provide the public with what it wants and needs to enter the investing market with confidence and without fear.

But, DIs will not only benefit investors. As also discussed on this site they will benefit the financial services industry in variety of areas from Advisors to Product Developers and from ETF Creators to 401(k) Providers. These benefits are discussed in the For Professionals section of this site and the Invitation Only page - contact Leland Hevner at LHevner@naoi.org if you would like to access this page.

Working Together to Create a Comprehensive DI Implementation Plan

DIs must be recognized for what they are - a fundamentally different way of investing. As such, comprehensive planning is essential before they are used or offered by any financial entity. DI education, knowledge, resources and planning are what the NAOI offers to financial organizations via a Dynamic Investment consulting contract.

As part of such an effort Leland Hevner will first understand your organization's unique products, services, target markets, goals and strategic plan. Then he will work with your personnel to develop a comprehensive plan for integrating DIT methods and DI products into your operations. This comprehensive plan can include DI education - both internal for employees and external for the public - a marketing plan, a DI product line strategy, recommendations for developing proprietary tools for both developing and managing DIs and more. These benefits will be supplemented with a detailed transition plan to ensure that current operations are not disrupted by the introduction of Dynamic Investments in your enhanced strategy.

A consulting arrangement with the NAOI will significantly shorten and flatten the DI learning curve and enable organizations to be “first to market” with DIs and DIT methods. This will be a massive competitive advantage.

The New Future of Investing

The future of investing cannot look like the past or even the present. Current business plans that focus on increasing corporate revenues without providing better value to the investing public will have a short life span. The future of investing will be driven to address the needs of more educated, empowered and demanding clients. Through NAOI books and public education programs, individuals will be made aware of Dynamic Investment-based products and demand the performance that they can produce along with the wealth protection benefits they provide. As a result, financial organizations that offer DIs will thrive in the future of investing; those that don't will struggle to stay relevant.

NAOI consulting services will ensure that a financial organization meets the demands of the public with an efficient and seamless transition into a new, dynamic Future of Investing. And an NAOI consulting contract will ensure that any organization that does so will benefit greatly.

Leland Hevner's Qualifications

Leland Hevner's background, education and experience are discussed in the About section of this site and in more detail on the NAOI corporate Web site here

As a brief overview, Leland Hevner is:

Leland B. Hevner - NAOI PResident, author and financial consultant

Leland B. Hevner - NAOI PResident, author and financial consultant

  • The President of the National Association of Online Investors - the nation's leading provider of objective investor education in the market today as well as being at the forefront in developing new, innovative concepts and approaches to investing.
  • A Certified Investment Advisor
  • A Self-Directed, Online Investor since 1992 
  • A Teacher of Personal Investing at the College Level
  • A Prolific Author of Investing Books and Investing Courses
  • The Creator of the Nation's Only "Individual Investor Certification Program"
  • An Experienced Financial Consultant to Organizations and Governments
  • An Investment Researcher - He is the Developer of Dynamic Investment Theory and NAOI Dynamic Investments
  • An expert in the areas discussed in the For Professionals section of this site
  • A media presence as a tireless advocate for the Individual Investor. He has been interviewed on National TV Financial Programs and quoted frequently by the National Press. More information is found in the NAOI Press Room.
  • Holder of an MBA from the Krannert School of Business at Purdue University and a degrees in Computer Science, Psychology and Russian from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Contact Information

Contact Leland using the information on the Contact Page of this site to discuss how he can work with your organization to prepare for, and lead the industry into, a "dynamic" future of investing.