Let's work together to define the future of investing.

Let's work together to define the future of investing.

This page shows the Steps of the NAOI consulting process. It is simple, cost efficient and extremely effective for giving our clients an amazing competitive advantage in the crowded financial services market.  

For our clients, the end result of an NAOI consulting effort will be a complete mastery of Dynamic Investment Theory and the many uses of Dynamic Investments along with a customized plan that a smooth transition into the future of investing.

Review the informatin below and then call or email us to get started on Step 1, today. Our contact information is found by clicking here.

Step 1: General Education Presentation

The first step in a consulting effort is a general education presentation related to Dynamic Investment Theory and Dynamic Investments given at your offices for any number of individuals. The presentation will include the following topics among others:

  • Why the world of investing is not working for the individual investor today; feedback from NAOI students
  • What motivated the NAOI to stop its investor education classes and start a search for a new fundamental approach to investing
  • The scientific methods used in the development of Dynamic Investment Theory
  • Exactly what does DIT say?
  • What are Dynamic Investments and how do they work?
  • Discussion of example NAOI Dynamic Investments and their performance - risk/reward - vs. MPT Portfolios using the same ETFs (see the table presented just below)
  • A review of DI products, configurations and applications
  • How your organization can create new DI Products and Portfolios easily, efficiently and cost effectively
  • How do DIs give you a competitive edge for your specific business? (e.g. click here to see application areas)
  • How DIs can immediately increase the sales of your existing products
  • The incredibly high ROI of an NAOI Consulting Contract
  • Questions and Answers

In short, we will explain how the data in this table is possible and how your organization can take advantage of it almost immediately.


This presentation can be a one or two day presentation at our client's discretion.

It is also important in the first Step of the process for the NAOI to understand the goals and expectations of our clients. Only if there exists a mutual agreement between our client and that NAOI that these goals can be met will the process continue to Step 2. 

Cost: $2500 plus travel and expenses (one or two days at the client's discretion)

Step 2: Consulting Contract Creation

The second Step of the process is to work together to set the parameters for the NAOI Consulting Contract. It will include, but not be limited to the following items:

  • Set goals and expectations in line with the client's tactical and strategic plans
  • Define Deliverables - Clients can chose from the list of deliverables that can be seen by clicking here.
  • Define a Schedule
  • Specify the Costs; both fixed and variable
  • Sign Non-Disclosures as required
  • Specify responsible parties and contact information
  • Other

This activity will ensure that there are no ambiguities related to our cooperative effort. It will also protect the confidentiality and proprietary information of both parties. With the signing of this contract, work will begin.

Step 3: Work Progress Reports

The third Step of the process will consist of periodic progress reports delivered by the NAOI to our client on a periodic basis. Such reports will both inform our client of the status of the consulting effort and identify any issues that may affect the original schedule and/or goals. Such reports will also allow the discussion of any "course corrections" requested by either party. 

Step 3: An Ongoing Support Plan

Following completion of the original consulting contract, an ongoing support plan can be put in place. The NAOI is constantly creating new Dynamic Investments, DI Configurations and DI Applications. We will share these with our clients as they become available. Also client's of an ongoing support plan can reach out to the NAOI with questions or requests for further assistance as they arise.

Exclusivity Potential

For a limited time, the possibility exists for the NAOI to work exclusively with your organization. Being the ONLY organization with NAOI training in Dynamic Investments multiplies its value exponentially. Obviously this invitation can only be available to the first organization that requests it and is accepted by the NAOI.

Leland B. Hevner's Qualifications and Contact Information

Leading any NAOI Consulting Contract will be Dynamic Investing Theory creator, Leland Hevner. His background, education and experience are discussed in the About section of this site and in more detail on the NAOI corporate Web site here

As a brief overview, Leland Hevner is:

Leland B. Hevner - NAOI PResident, author and financial consultant

Leland B. Hevner - NAOI PResident, author and financial consultant

  • The President of the National Association of Online Investors - the nation's leading provider of objective investor education in the market today as well as being at the forefront in developing new, innovative concepts and approaches to investing.
  • A Certified Investment Advisor
  • A Self-Directed, Online Investor since 1992 
  • A Teacher of Personal Investing at the College Level
  • A Prolific Author of Investing Books and Investing Courses
  • The Creator of the Nation's Only "Individual Investor Certification Program"
  • An Experienced Financial Consultant to Organizations and Governments
  • An Investment Researcher - He is the Developer of Dynamic Investment Theory and NAOI Dynamic Investments
  • An expert in the investing application areas discussed in the For Professionals section of this site
  • A media presence as a tireless advocate for the Individual Investor. He has been interviewed on National TV Financial Programs and quoted frequently by the National Press. More information is found in the NAOI Press Room.
  • Holder of an MBA from the Krannert School of Business at Purdue University and a degrees in Computer Science, Psychology and Russian from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Contact Information

Contact Leland using the information on the Contact Page of this site to discuss how he can work with your organization to prepare for, and lead the industry into, a "dynamic" future of investing.