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This Blog is where i will keep book owner's and prospective book owners update on new developments in the NAOI world of Dynamic Investments.

The National Association of Online Investors (NAOI) is an organization that I founded in 1997 with the mission of empowering individuals to invest with confidence. It both funded the research to develop Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT) and published this book.

The NAOI R&D division is constantly working to create new and better Dynamic Investment (DI) products and methods for both individuals and financial organizations. As they are released I will inform you via a blog post that describes them. Here I will also keep you informed of how various DIs shown in the book are performing.

People who own and have read the DI Bible will benefit most from the information I post here. There will be times when I assume you know the basics of DIT and how Dynamic Investments work. But prospective buyers will benefit as well as they read about the power and flexibility of this revolutionary investment type. I am confident that those who read just a few posts here will want to join our inner-circle by purchasing the book.

Join us as we explore and develop the future of investing!

So check here occasionally to see what' new and be sure to sign up for our Email List at the bottom of any page of this site to be alerted immediately of new developments.