Hopefully you have read about Dynamic Investments (DIs) on this site and perhaps The Dynamic Investment Bible as well. If so you know that this next-generation investment type has the power to change the fundamental way that we invest today. These are the dynamic investment types needed to cope with a dynamic market.

DIs signal the end of an era of using static MPT-designed portfolios that have no sensitivity to market changes. They signal the end of passive, buy-and-hold investing methods that may have worked in 1952 when Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) was introduced but do not work in today's dynamic markets.

In the Author Blog Leland Hevner, the creator of Dynamic Investment Theory, will provide ongoing education about how DIs work and discuss the application of this superior investment type in various economic and market environments. The Blog will also keep you informed of the latest developments coming from the NAOI Research and Development Lab.

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With the advent of Dynamic Investments, the world of investing is about to get simpler, more profitable, less risky and just plain more fun. Join me for the ride via the Author's Blog!

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