The Amazing Market-Biased Portfolio

In this Post I discuss a portfolio type that is rapidly gaining traction among investment designers and individual investors who work with the NAOI. This is an asset allocation portfolio with one “asset” being a Dynamic Investment that is sensitive to market movements, enabling this ultra-simple portfolio to produce performance that is not possible with any MPT portfolio, regardless of how sophisticated.

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The Future of ETF Development - Monetizing ETF Combinations

The field of ETF development is getting crowded. It is getting difficult to create unique ETFs that provide value to vendor product lines. Until now. With the introduction of Dynamic Investments, the National Association of Online Investors has provided a new area of research and development that can significantly increase the value of an ETF product line without the need to create a single new ETF. This Post shows how.

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Time-Diversification: The Key to Successful Investing

As investors we must be aware of the benefits of diversification in our portfolios. The most commonly used types are Company Diversification and Asset Diversification. Both reduce the risk of our holdings. But the NAOI has identified and introduced into the portfolio design process a third type that we call Time-Diversification and it is the key to successful investing. This Blog Post explains how.

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2017 - A New Year, A New / Better Way to Invest

Just in time to usher in the New Year, the NAOI has released the design for a next-generation investment type called Dynamic Investments. They are capable of producing 20%+ annual returns with low risk in virtually any economic environment. How? They are “time-diversified” and thus able to respond quickly to market changes. Read this Blog Post to learn how 2017 can be your most successful investing year ever!

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NAOI Dynamic Investments Performance Review: 2016

In 2016 the simple NAOI Primary Dynamic Investment earned +22.2%. For the past decade from 2006 to 2016 it has earned an average annual return of +30.6%! Read this post to see the details of how this amazing investment was able to achieve such an astounding return in 2016 with a risk level that is almost certainly lower than the traditional asset allocation portfolio you probably own today.

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Active vs. Passive Investing - An Unnecessary Choice

There is an intense debate roiling the financial industry today related to the merits of passive investing versus active investing. It was front and center in the Wall Street Journal of 10/19 under the title “The Dying Art of Picking Stocks”. In this blog post I show that choosing one or the other investment approach is totally unnecessary. NAOI Dynamic Investments give you the best of both.

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The Benefits of "Time-Diversification"

If you are a typical investor you probably hold a portfolio designed using methods set forth by Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). This approach to portfolio design is used by virtually the entire financial service industry today. The problem is that MPT was introduced in 1952 when markets were a far different place. While markets have changed significantly since then, portfolio design methods have barely changed at all - and they no longer work. Fortunately the problem can be fixed. The NAOI has done so by adding a "time-diversification" element to portfolios. In this post I explain how and why - read on.

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The Stock Market Makes No Sense - That's Why Dynamic Investments Do

Much has been written about the stock based on hundreds of years of observations.  And in all of those volumes, we walk away with a couple of things:

1) stock prices are arguably based on some theoretical value derived from future earnings

2) it’s very hard to calculate that theoretical value

3) stocks rarely trade at or near any theoretical value


When you use Dynamic Investments you don't have to worry about any of these factors. Read on ....


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