In the world of Academia, students are taught how to earn money. But nowhere are they given serious education on how to invest this money to both protect and grow it for the long term. One would think that a course that teaches such a critical life-skill as personal investing would be a requirement for students at every level from high school and up. But it isn’t. Serious and objective personal investing courses simply don't exist as a part of any degreed program. This is a travesty as students enter the workforce almost completely ignorant about investing.

However, I can’t place the blame for this vacuum entirely on academia. The financial establishment has created a world of investing that is so confusing and devoid of logic that it can’t be taught with any degree of academic rigor – it is so filled with subjective human judgments and what I can only call "guessing" that it doesn't even qualify as a legitimate field of study.

Making Academia Relevant in the Investing World 

With the introduction of Dynamic Investment Theory, Dynamic Investments and The Dynamic Investment Bible book, this all changes. The DIT approach to investing is based on the use of scientific methods, objective observations and a set of standardized rules for taking action. As a result, DIT and the use of Dynamic Investments IS a legitimate field of study and taught as such. Courses in Personal Investing now can, and must, be offered to eager students in every high school and institution of higher learning in America.

The NAOI Academic Course Product

The NAOI has developed a comprehensive study curriculum that we are willing to share with any qualified academic institution. NAOI experience shows that this is a course that will be over-subscribed every time it is offered. Conducted by an NAOI-trained instructor, it will be rated by students higher than virtually any other class available. The NAOI can guarantee it!

It's Time

If you are in any way connected to academia at any level, contact the NAOI using information in the Contact section of this site to learn how to offer Academia's first ever "teachable" course in personal investing. It's time that academia stepped up and got into the investor education arena!